Moby Dick

Crime Thriller
Jun. 09, 2011
PARK In-jae
HWANG Jung-min, JIN Goo, KIM Min-hee

The truth squad vs conspirators
LEE Bang-u, a journalist who would do anything to get a scoop, sees a mysterious explosion in the Balam Bridge and senses there is a major story behind it. Suddenly, a man named Yoon-hyeok appears and, without a word, leaves a tennis bag filled with surveillance reports of civilians and a locked floppy disk. Later, Bang-u finds out that Yoon-hyeok is being chased by some strangers. Bang-u forms a special investigation team with other journalists, SON Jin-gi and SONG Hyo-gwan who were also working on the case. One day, some strangers break into their office, Moby Dick, and leave a terrible mess. The strangers even impose a threat to the investigation team and Yoon-hyeok who is holding the key to the case.