Line Up


Oct. 20, 2011
SONG Il-gon
SO Ji-sub, HAN Hyo-joo

Chul-min was a boxer, who has no rival in the league but leads a hard life now. He hides his dark past that he used to hit the people for living. One day a strange blind woman called Jung-hwa visits him at the parking lot, who changes his life completely. Jung-hwa who is losing her eyesight because of the terrible accident keeps her head to the sky. Looking at cheerful and bright Jung-hwa, Chul-min slowly opens his mind. Jung-hwa also lets him enter her lonely world. As Chul-min finds out that Jung-hwa might lose her eyesight forever if she doesn’t receive the transplant operation soon, he decides to do whatever it takes to get her eyes back.

Chul-min decides to play in the gambling fight abroad, which is the chance to collect the huge amount of money at once. He leaves her all at once without a trace or any note. Is Chul-min ever able to come back to his one and only true love? And will Jung-hwa become to see the face of one who loves her deeply?